HELP! First kiss problem! Any advice?

Okay my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 months or so and we still haven't kissed and he says he doesn't want to freak me out...ANY ADVICE?


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  • In what context did he say he didn't want to freak you out? I think we need more details. But after two months you should be able to bring it up, he obviously likes you. I'm guessing you are both scared. He'd probably be relieved if you were the one to bring it up.

    • Well see he just said "I don't want you to think "whoa what the hell are you doing?"" and I have no idea what to do but thank you for your advice

  • be pepared for tongue action haha...eww I remember the first time I had my kiss, the guy was all over me, slobber and shoved his tongue down my throat.