She's Making Me Choose.

Basically my Girlfriend wants me to stop being friends with a girl I know. I've known my girlfriend longer and I've never given her a reason to not trust me. I don't flirt or ignore my Girlfriend for this other girl. We don't even hang out that often just once in a while.

They've never had any drama with each other,other than the typical girls not liking each other cause there girls.

My girlfriend told me she's jealous that id spend time with another girl and I understand that,but I don't want to be a bad friend or a bad BF. and the majority of my Girlfriend friends are guys. I find it hypocritical and I'm mad she would ask me to do this. Am I wrong? am I telling my girlfriend I'm choosing someone else over her?


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  • Your friend was there first. You've never given her reason to doubt you, nor have you put this other girl ahead of her in any way, shape, or form (from what it sounds like). I'm also a bit ticked when people get mad about you have opposite sex friends when they have tons of their own. If she's going to make you give up your old friend who has been around long before you even knew your girlfriend (if that's the case) then she should have to give up all her guy friends.

    I don't know how girls get guys (or even want to do that to them) to ditch their friends (on facebook or real life). I've mentioned it once (when I was a lot younger and more naive) and I got the boot. Rightfully so in my opinion.

    When in a relationship you should have two lives - yours and theirs. People need to understand this. Also, why should you give up an old friend for someone who you might not even be with in a month or a year or a decade, etc?

    "Bros before hoes/chicks before d***s/etc" is how I think it should work. That's just me though. As long as you're giving your girlfriend the time, attention, love, and loyalty that she desires/needs/wants - you should be able to keep your friend(s) regardless of gender. If you start talking to this girl on the phone for hours a day over your girlfriend, spend all your free time with this other girl, etc - then your girlfriend has every right to be upset and make her demands.

    As of now, they seem unwarranted. I say keep your friend and if your girlfriend won't let you keep your friends then is she really someone you want to be with? I'm sure I will receive a lot of disagreements - but do what YOU want. Don't let someone else tell you who you can talk to, spend your time with, etc. Independence is necessary to an extent in relationships.

  • I don't think your wrong. I just think that your girlfriend my feel threatened, but she shouldn't make you choose between your friends and her that's not what a good girlfriend does.


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