Why does he do this? :(

Me and my boyfriend hang out a lot. But we hangout for about 3 days then the next day he's sorta rough and squeezes me a lot and is acts different he's not as lovey dovey, and he doesn't say I love you at all to me or even want to kiss me. :(

Then we don't see each other for a few days and he goes right back to being all sweet and all over me.

Whats his deal..


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  • find a new boyfriend, how long have been dating him anyway?

    • I love him I could never brake up with him . but weve been dating a little over a month but we have liked each other for a while

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    • He kisses me just not as often as he usualy does but only when he's in those moods where he's not lovey dovey

    • Oh I see that's not too bad

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