Why hasn't he called/texted?

I met this guy on an online date site, we chatted via email alll day long, then he gave me his number and said to call him later because he prefers the phone call rather than text, I don't so I texted, we talked via text and email for another day or two and then we started talking on the phone, at least 3-5 times a day for about a week then we decided to meet up. His car was in the shop so I know it was slightly dangerous but I agreed to pick him up from his townhouse and grab a coffee. (we had exchanged numerous photos of family members and what not so I got a normal vibe) anyways we went to Starbucks got a coffee, and ended up sitting there talking for about 2 1/2-3 hours, we had great convo, dropped him back at his house and he said when are we gonna hang out again, I said whenever, then he said to set it up, that I was good at that. Long Long Long story short, I went on my way, and then the whole next day didn't hear from him which was weird because of the massive amounts of communication before, so I decided to text him myself at around 2:30, we chatted back and forth but then later on in the evening he texted me and said he was sorry but he was very busy for a change and would call me later on the phone. (he is preparing for a business trip leaving Saturday morning) Any way he never called, I haven't called or texted him today but it just seems weird, Am I just thinking too much about it all?


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  • Well, he said he was preparing to go on a business trip. Sounds like he's busy. Other possibility is that after meeting, he's no longer interested in you. Either way, I don't think you should try contacting him other than to say "have a nice trip." Other than that, let him call/text you. He's either busy or not interested. If he's busy, he'll call you when he's back in town. If he's not interested, you probably won't hear from him. When did he say he'd be back? If he hasn't tried reaching you after he's been back for a day or two, move on to someone else.

    • Thank you for your much needed advice. :)

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