Dating single moms without getting serious?

I'm getting to that age where I run into a lot of single moms. I'll be straight up that I am NOT interested in being daddy to a kid that's not mine.

However at the same time I have met several moms out there who just want to have fun...even just casual sex. Also for some screwed up reason I find single moms more willing to have sex than single girls with no kids.

I have an opportunity to sleep with a single mom here in a few days. I don't know much about her background...but she has had a really tough upbringing. She got pregnant in high school.

She also likes me alot..I can tell. But I don't want to lead her on thinking that I want a serious relationship with her. I don't want to play games and complicate her already very complicated life.

If I'm straight up that I'm not looking for anything serious...and she this REALLY okay?

I'm still heartbroken from another girl dumping me a few months ago. I've gone on dates her and there but I know that having a little physical fun would really help. If it's consensual I don't see a problem with it.


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  • YES it's okay. As long as you are straight up about not wanting anything serious you aren't doing anything wrong. If you let a woman know from the beginning (before you have sex) that you don't want anything serious and she still goes for it, then her continuing to see you and sleep with you means she agreed to the terms of the verbal "contract". You're good, don't feel guilty. You're an honest person and that is to be applauded, you're not leading her on, lying, or scheming to get what you want so no problem.

    I know quite a few single moms who are open to having fun with guys probably because they know if they get into a relationship that it will most likely involve their child..and they don't want to introduce their child to every guy they date if it isn't going to work out in the long run. So that's probably why they are more likely to go for no strings attached sex.


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  • No problem just be straight up with her, just don't be an ass about it. I'm a single dad and if I know my kids was seeing their mother with someone then one day he isn't there anymore, it can be hurtful to the kid. I would def try to stay out of vision of the child for that childs sake. As for it being OK, yes its OK, how else can the mother get her fun in too?

  • I would not touch that with a ten foot poll bro. It's not going to be worth it. Espcially if you just looking for a lay...go to a nice lounge and find something without all the emo baggage.