I think it's time for a change.....the 21st century is begging for it...yes I mean all the women out there? ;)

How many guys out there feel it's time women start approaching men in general and start asking them on dates?

i was just wondering...I mean c'mon do you think its time for a change...


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  • Dude...I don't know where you live, but I have been asked out by women almost all my life...and I have lived all over the world.

    Sure I made the advances more often, but there are still plenty of women out there who are not shy about asking a guy out. They do tend to be subtle about it, but it happens.

    Now if you are wanting women to flock to your door...guess what...that doesn't happen for most women either.

    I think you have a rather warped idea of what a womans life is like. Why do you seem to think they have it so easy? Have you ever had to attempt to sort out which were real and which were players?

    Both the sexes have challenges, and they tend to balance out in the end.

    Quit making excuses and do something about it. Until you really know and love who you are, how do you expect to ever find a fulfilling relationship?

    Learn to love life. Live it like there's no tomorrow. There are going to be women who want to know how you can be that happy...and poof...it begins.

    This is the voice of experience... Having raised 4 kids as a single dad, and seeing my boys who followed my advice, have no problems meeting some amazing girls...well.

    I know it works. So who do you choose to be? The guy who waited patiently for something to happen? Or the guy who made some changes and can look back with no regrets?

    The same holds true for girls. Both my daughters seemed determined to give dad grey hairs well before his time.

    Really look around. What are the guys and girls like with an active social life? Do they mope around or are they having fun? Don't you get it? It's like a magnet. People want to be around you when you're having a blast.

    • I appreciate your feedback but I was just looking for opinions not a motivational lecture,..thanks anyways

    • And so the excuse lets you continue to blame others for something you are scared to do.

      Life isn't fair. Deal with it.

      You asked for feedback......there it is...now quit whinning.

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  • I've seen too many guys pulled in and out of relationships, and in the end I don't think they care who their with. I want a guy to WANT me.

  • I get stared at and asked out all the time, I wish I'd be left alone more. I'm not going to make matters worse by asking guys out myself.

    How about you guys stop being so pushy, then we'll approach you?


  • Don't count on it. For centuries, it's been the men who would approach the women and I doubt all of a sudden that's gonna change. A lot more women are asking men out on dates first these days, but the roles will never be reversed.

  • The only reason why I haven't tried before, is because I think it might make me sound desperate?

    • So men don't seem desperate?

    • No!

      I was just always taught that the guy asks the girl out and lalala

      and to me as a girl I feel I would seem desperate if I asked the guy out

      it's hard to explain

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  • Throughout history, guys courted girls, not the other way around. Do you really think there's gonna be an overhaul in the collective mentality just because it's due a change? Thousands of years of social evolution aren't gonna do a 180 just like that, y'know.

  • don't hold your breath

  • it would be a great chance of pace if the initiating and asking out process was not always done but us guys, but since that has been the standard procedure for eons and eons, I doubt it will go away anytime soon.