Guys, do you like it when she doesn't text you?

if you haven't seen a guy in a while who you've actually been 'seeing' etc, if you get me, should you just leave him for a bit, not msg or call him for a few days, and then he'll miss you or something? how long should I leave it for? I want to start a chase! (for him not me) hehe. tell me boys!


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  • Where do you girls get these stupid ideas from. I don't know, I have had bad experience like this. This will only show that you are not serious or making fun of him. It does not in anyways make him feel more about you. You understand the inherent insecurities do you. Ya no need to be always in touch with him and make every note where he is when. But my girlfriend makes it a point to tell me all. I told her not to. But she has gained a lot of trust from me. And now even if she doesn't calls or is busy I trust her.

    • Thanks boys, but I'm not ignoring him.. we had a weird, unfinished conversation on the weekend about how he's not sure what he wants at the moment, and I'm not sure what's going on cause I haven't seen him in a bit.. do you get me? he's the now who didn't answer one of my messages, so what I'm asking is should I leave it for about a week to let him remember how much he likes/wants/misses me?

    • I think you should ask him straight. But no need to keep nagging. Everyone has got other things to do, and is someone missed ur one message its alright. But if he keeps on ignoring then I will say better put him in the back of your mind. To tell you the truth I am having a sort of same problem as well she has stopped calling and all but she explains that she is going through bad times and is doing the same with all her friends. well I should expect to be special, anyways I am giving it a shot.

  • These "chases" you speak of usually ruin the relationship.

    Guys talk to girls, if the girl doesn't talk back, he becomes self-conscious, he then doubts the girls feelings towards him, he is in extreme mental anguish, and then he moves on and forgets the girl who basically told him she wasn't interested by not responding.

    Chases are for the movies.


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