Texting. Girls Texting First Weird? Why?

I have an OK social life and have chosen to be somewhat of a "player". One day I was thinking to myself, why couldn't girls text me first? So I didn't text any girl I was interested in sleeping and it was cool.

After meeting them, two or three days later they would text to hang out. I would meet up and it would normally be a great time, but then I wouldn't text them back, even with them knowing it was a great time. So they are confused and are somewhat attracted to the idea that someone is paying them no mind, even though they know you are interested. Weird huh?

What do you think of girls texting first?

Don't say anything like "boys are suppose to text first" because of some machismo thing. It's not, I think its some stupid culturally ingrained idea. Women should learn to be forward and initiate things too.

Also I do realize that this won't work for relationships because it will develop an idea of distrust in the other person. To the point where they think you don't like them. I found that out during this experiment too :O But, for my lifestyle it does work out, because I don't usually plan to fall in love with any of them.

Anyway, girls initiating conversation, texts, calling, whatever; anything regarding ideas or experiences is fine. Just create something interesting!


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  • Well, this one guy that I met 5 months ago always texts me first now. He's also a 'player'. At first, I was the one that usually texted him first but he wouldn't text back sometimes which sort of annoyed me, haha. I didn't want to look needy or something since we're not even in a relationship. So, eventually, I just got used to him just texting me first to hang out or just talk.


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