Being with friends vs. being alone with significant other?

I've always been more introverted -- I need alone time to recoup. Tonight, I went to the movies with my boyfriend (I haven't seen him since last weekend) and a bunch of friends. As we all met up, I couldn't help but have this enormous desire to just hang out with him alone. I'd like to know if this is unusual. :(


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  • As an introvert, it's absolutely normal.

    It's draining to hang out with large crowds. You probably wanted to have a good time, but it's hard to do when you feel anxious and tired from dealing with a bunch of people.

    I get that way. I prefer nice quiet social events with few people. I feel more comfortable in those settings and with that comfort can relax and have a really good time.


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  • Nah, why would it be? Makes sense to me. :)