PLEASE HELP: My guy friend kissed me and I'm not sure how he feels about me.

So me and this guy knew each other since we were kids. We haven't seen each other for many years and this summer he went to our mother country, so we met there. The first day we hang out he kissed me twice, it was amazing, but why would he do that? does he like me more than a friend? PLEASE HELP


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  • Is it mother Russia? Anyway, if he kissed you he likes and is attracted to you. Yes, to your last question.

    • No, not Russia. Just mother land. :)

      Is there any way for him to tell me that, or our kisses prove that he likes me more than a friend?

    • If he kissed you on the lips and it's a passionate kiss, then that's all the proof you need.

    • He told me that he kisses with friends and it's not a big deal. BS

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