Explain the whole concept of DATING.

Do you have to kiss on your date? Is it a must? What do you do on your dates? Can you date more than one person?


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  • A date to me, does need to end in a kiss, yes.

    However, it is only a date IF you let me pay for you.

    If I pay for you, I better get a kiss, because I'm assuming it's a date and you're interested. Otherwise you're a gold digger.

    I know you're thinking "oh, well sometimes the guy INSISTS on paying."

    I only insist on paying if I am interested in you. If you truly are not interested in me, and do not want this to be a date, simply say "I'm not interested in dating you right now, let me pay for myself"

    If you say that to me, I guarantee I will not pay for you or try to keep the "date" atmosphere alive.


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  • The first date is an interview. You get to know the person and decide if you want to get to know them better or if you're even attracted to him or her. It's America. You don't have to kiss if you don't want to. Sometimes when everything is going well and you are very attracted, sexually, to your date, you might. On dates, you go to dinner, movies, concerts, etc. Of course, you can date more than one person. It's America!


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  • Ok You don;t HAVE To kiss anyone EVER, Its what you feel is right and comfortable with.

    Second a Date could be Going to a movie, bowling or out. Or If your more in to Hanging out, stayign home and cuddling up on the couch could be a date, Going to the lake and having a picnic is a date ... Basically What ever you want a " Date" Is a "Date" Truly as long as both parties agree ... I think of a date as something me and my guy don;t do on the daily bases so like for me it would be going out and bowling, movies, skating ... walking at sun set by the lake and talking.

    and YES You can

    You can date many guys its called OPEN RELATIONSHIPS, But BE SURE your willing for the Door to swing both ways. and make sure HE KNOWS. I do the date one guy at a time thing its just easier. But If you have four guys want to go out on a date then you could go on four dates with four different guys. Just make sure they know they are not the only ones in your life.

    Its like If you date guy A 3 times, Guy b 1, guy c 5 time and you really think guy d might be worth your time, then pair it down to one guy ... Guy D. But Dating is Where is your comfort level and finding people who are the same.