What's the typical time frame on texting after a first date?

I'm new to the dating world. As I've been focusing on myself and getting things set for the future, I took a break from the dating world (over a year or so). I've recently been going on a few dates. The last one was dinner. He is attractive, polite and smiled when I said something funny or goofy. He did not go in for a hug or kiss, but did ask for my number so he could call or text me for another date.

I'm not sure if that was a blow off just to see if Id give him my number or does he plan to text me to plan a 2nd date? How long should be to long to receive one?

I never heard from him, I'm not about to chase a man if he isn't interested. So that ones off the list.


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  • wow, not even a hug lol.

    well I just had this question, my friends told me 3 days so I waited the 3 days, tho many girls told me just call/text her as soon as you want to (which would have been like later that day).

    instead of waiting for him, maybe take some initiative, if he likes u, he'll love that. iwould.

    • He did seem like the guy that talks when he wants to, but is rather quiet and observant. I would take the initiative, but I don't know if what he said about another date is true?

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  • I'd send a "thank you" text the morning after. "Mind games" are for children.

  • It depends; normally, a day or two. He doesn't want to seem desperate.


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  • um ihe should text between 3 days after up to 5 days, I normally tell them to go F themselves if its longer then 7 days.

    if he texts before 3 days he really likes you or is clingy.

    • Well since we are both students...if I have time to text, he does too. 3days for him...on the 5th day Ill text him see what happens.

    • Sounds like a plan :) I hope it works for you