What is a morning text that will turn him on?

always text in the morning and wanna turn him on right away for him to have me on his mind all day... ;)


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  • that pretty much depends on many different things:

    what your relationship is like

    how far you want to go

    your both personalities


    so it goes from "sex 8 pm?" (maybe just a bit to direct ... but he won't probably think of something else...) to "i love you and can't wait to see you again" ...

    there is no way to tell exactly without knowing both of you ... one would have to know "which buttons to press", and what you would be compfortable with

    you could make him fantasize about you ...

    -ask what he would like to do

    (if he doesn't get the hint)

    -ask what he would like to do, with you, tonight, in this bed, with you in this dress ... (trust me, THAT will stay on his mind)

    but as I said, without knowing you both, and your oppinion on how far this should go ... it's hard to tell


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  • "Good morning. I had such nasty dreams about you last night. When can I see you so I can tell you about them?"

    Just be careful. He might call in sick to work and show up on your doorstep.

  • haha...well if you're seeing him that night then just send him a message saying you're really looking forward to seeing him tonight and thinking about all the things you are going to do to him...then he'll be wondering all day what you mean by that :)

    by the way if you're serious about this guy you might want to consider that if you feel you _need_ to mention sex to get him thinking about you all day then your relationship might be moving a bit too fast...that's just my two cents!

  • Tell him that as soon as you see him...you're going to drop to your knees and suck him off. As soon as you see him.

  • just tell him that you want to help him with his morning wood be all detailed like make sure you tell him what you want to do to him.i would go into details but my answer may get removed.tell him that you get off from getting him off. and all guys likes it when a girl says he's big. lol you could never go wrong with that. I hope this helps sweetie


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