What should a woman know about dating an older man?

I am 22 and considering dating a 30 year old man do you have any tips for dating an older man? Do older men only date young women to have fun?


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  • It highly varies, because age is just a number. It has to do with self-perception. There are old-and-wizened 30 year olds and there are young-and-inexperienced 30 year olds.

    People reach different places at different points in their life, and while 30 would probably be a psychological turning-point for a lot of people, it doesn't suddenly make you old because your 20's go by very fast.

    My tip would be to treat him like any other guy you'd consider dating, and don't talk about his age unless he keeps acting in a way that highlights the differences between you two.

    He may be more serious than you think about dating you, because guys tend to get more serious as they get older.

    I don't think it makes a difference what age you are in terms of how serious he is about dating you. He could just be looking for fun, or he could be looking for something more serious, but either way, your age isn't going to make a difference in that decision. It's about what he sees in you.

    Now, if he was like 40-50 and you were in your 20's, then that would be a different story, because when the age difference is that large, it's hard for a guy to think that such a relationship is going to work out well.

    But at age 30, the difference isn't really that significant. Sure, he's seen a few things you haven't seen, but he doesn't look at the world completely different than you. He was your age not very long ago.


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  • If he doesn't already know, make sure you tell him you don't have a problem with the age difference. Trust me, if he isn't too sure how you feel about it, it could make things complicated. Other then that I can't think of anything else.

    No, older guys don't date younger women just to have fun. I'm sure some do but not all.


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  • Aaah! I'm in the same bucket - I'm just starting to see a guy who is 29 - I just turned 23 :P Let me know if you figure anything out!