What is your boyfriend like?

what is your boyfriend like?

just list stuff with you and your boyfriend and stuff like that

...I'm trying to see how many get close to my amazing bf


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  • Well I'm the best boyfriend in the world so he probably doesn't top me but I guess you already knew he isn't the best because he's dating you, not megan fox :)

    • Haha, dude, you look like an Avatar, except you aren't blue.

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    • It IS a compliment. Hey man, that Avatar chick was pretty hot. Some day too you may end up with a 10 foot tall amazon. I envy you.

    • Well I do appreciate that. I generally go for shorter chicks but I guess I can always axe off her legs if it becomes too much for me!!

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  • he's understandable, sweet, caring. he brought me a necklace with his name on it & its a half shaped heart, and he has my name with other the half and it's magnet so he says when we're ready to be one, we'll connect them together <3 almost 3 years together too