Meeting with someone from online dating!

I've been talking to a girl that I met on an online dating site(Zoosk), things have been real good we texted only back and forth for about 3 days now. So I asked real politely and not pushy at all if she would want to meet up. She said I'd thought you'd never ask, she was kind of joking and not because I had told her I can be shy until I get comfortable. Anyway we just planned to go get lunch and meet up. Just wandering if anyone has tried this online stuff before? Also I'm not worried too much but looks wise I'm hoping she's still interested and not just the picture. link Just some opinions would be great!


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  • People go to online dating sites to meet other people so you are on the right track :)

    I have been to online sites too (not the dating ones) and have met a couple of really nice guys. We are still in touch and still friends. The reason why I go on it is because I work long hours and don't have the time to meet people the "usual" way. Sure, I go to bars/clubs but I don't think it's the ideal environment to find someone I might like. Going online gives you the anonymity to reveal a little more about you and if you think you connect, you can take it one step further without the awkwardness of being personally rejected if you do it face to face.

    Lunch is a good start, that way you can get comfortable with her and there is no pressure to kiss her or make a move to touch her. Unless you want to of course. Otherwise, enjoy the date and see if there is a possibility that there could be something more.

    BTW, you are cute. Good luck to you both!

  • i dnt see a problem with it as long as your careful, bring a guy friend to spy on you two while you're out, in case she poisons you and drags you into an alley.


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