Guys-would you respond to an online dating profile without a photo if she said she'd send one IF?

she communicated with you. Say she contacted you and you liked her profile, if she said she'd send you a picture if you two communicated,would you respond? or not because you need to see a photo right away?


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  • The fact with guys is that physical attraction is important to us.If we can't get it up, there'll be a problem.

    So if its a site that only does dating, nothing friendship related then yes I'd need a picture.Otherwise if you have a nice profile and seem like a fun/interesting person, I could concider you a possible friend in a worst case scenario and I wouldn't mind waiting on the picture.


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  • If a girl was that scared of posting a photo, then it's either because she's horrifically ugly (which really isn't likely), or because she is wholly uncomfortable with the way she looks. Either way, it's a very unattractive quality.


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  • The thought processes that I (and I imagine many clued up women) might go through when playing the numbers game in deciding which flirts/emails to respond to and which to ignore.

    Typical Reasons for not Displaying a Profile Photo

    (in no particular order)

    a) You don't feel confident with the way you look. - lack of confidence in general.

    b) You feel that you look better than your photos represent. - lack of comfort in embracing reality.

    c) You are not yet in a 'free' position to be advertising yourself. - have not severed ties with the soon to be ex.

    d) You are not yet fully committed to the idea of looking for a partner. - half hearted, messer.

    e) You are married. - double life syndrome.

    f) You are working away in the week. - double life syndrome.

    g) You are simply an internet player. - no intention of person to person contact.

    h) You are new to computers and are genuinely baffled as to how to get a photo online. - not a quick learner.

    i) You feel the sensitivity/nature of your job makes it inappropriate. - rarely the truthful primary reason. suggests egocentricity?

    j) You feel people who know you would look down upon you for using such a service. - feels ashamed of what we have both chosen to do.

    k) You fear your mates might take the mickey out of you. - will let his mates rule his life.

    l) You feel social norms don't apply to you. - grandiose, exaggerated sense of self importance, possible sociopath.

    m) You are a vampire and cannot be captured on film. - unlikley.