Just curious what is the longest amount of dates/time before having your first kiss?

When starting to date someone or maybe just trying to build a friendship while dating someone so they feel more comfortable and know you better to decide if they want a relationship, what are some time frames before going in for the kiss. I know most guys will say within like the first 2 or 3 dates, but I know there are girls out there who like to go slow so I'm just looking for numbers, either in number of dates before a first kiss or time frame since starting dating a person.


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  • My boyfriend and I kissed on our first date, of course we knew, and flirted with, each other for about a month before the date.

    I think it depends on how the date goes. If it's amazing, kiss on the first one! If she isn't really into it, or if she is shy or nervous, perhaps wait.


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  • If I've had a good time I'll kiss on a first date, might as well find out if he's good at it now :P


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  • Every girl is different,

    I slightly push the boundaries on a date to find out this question. The girl would really never know I'm doing it because I'm very subtle with it. Best way is at the end of the date.

    I've actually lost out on girls who expected a kiss on a first night, I went for hug or kiss on the cheek and they felt I wasn't interested.

    I pretty much get a kiss on the first date everytime. I think when you get to a mature age a kiss really isn't a big deal as it once was.