How long will it take?

for a guy to call/text you after the first date if he is into you?


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  • So there are a bunch of stupid rules from movies like swingers etc. Basically the smart thing to do and what I always do is to call or text the next day saying I had a good time and maybe setting up something else to do. A lot of guys go with the 3 day rule which is way over-generalized. Here's the thing though. You're a grown woman and you don't need to wait for him to contact you. There's nothing wrong with you shooting him a random text to see if you can spark up a conversation. Maybe he is shy and will wait longer to build up courage or maybe he wants to wait to hear from you. Guys are crazy and the only way to get after what you're after is to go out and take it yourself!

    • Yeah but I alreasy texted him when I got hm last night saying I really enjoyed him and he said he enjoyed me too. Our date started at 11pm and ended at 1am because he had to work this mourning. I mean I felt like he liked me the whole time but you can never be sure and now its almost 1pm today and have not got a text so I don't if he doesn't plan too or is waiting on me but your right just do what you want to do.

    • Yeah that's the best thing to follow. It makes sense that he hasn't contacted you yet though. Just be patient if you want to wait.

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  • No way to know. All guys are different. The most I can say is that he should contact you within the first three days.

    • 3 days? OK. usually hwne a guy likes me, I hear him on the next day and most of the time they text me good mourning but he didn't altho he does work today. So should I say anything to him first or just wait?

  • Usually I get a text later that night. But it depends on the guy.

    If you are anxious send him a simple 'hey what's up' or something casual. If he's really into you he won't be bothered about rules and games. It's better to know either way.

    • Well I told him that I was gonna text him that I got hm safe last night and I did and added that I really enjoyed him and he said he did too and now its almost 1pm and I haven't heard anything from him. Our date started at 11pm to 1 am because he had to wrk today. he kept huggin me on my date at the beggining and the end, wice each time and walked me to my car and we laughed a lot so I feel good about it but you never know what the other person feels.

    • Sounds like it should be fine, it's a bit early to be worried but I've been there before :P Waiting sucks

    • He just texted. yay! I'm good now. Thanks