GUYS do you like it when a girl tells you that she liked your kisses on the lips?

the question says it all


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  • yes, its a great feeling especially after the 1st kiss, and she tells you that was a great one, I love it!

    • What if the girl didn't say it yet, can she say it later?? liek couple of days later?

    • Well I suppose that wouldn't be to bad but tbh all guys think about the 1st kiss and it would be alright if she waited a couple of days but it might have the guy thinking was it good, did I do somethin wrong, alll these thoughts would be going through his head and he might be a bit nervous about moving in for a second kiss, but my oppinion would to tell him on the 1st kiss if it was good or not just so it dosnt seem awkward for the guy when he wants to kiss you again.

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