Is timing really everything??

Would you get into another relationship right after breaking up with a long girlfriend/boyfriend?

Get into a relationship your senior year of college?

Knowingly get involved with someone who lives an hour away?

How important is timing? If you really liked this other person, would you try to make it work despite the bad timing/ circumstances?

@danzo1990: For clarification - the guy I've been hanging out with just got out of a 3 year relationship... and I don't want to be the rebound girl.. I really like him, but can't shake the feeling that I'm setting myself up to get hurt.


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  • I recently tried to get involved with someone who lives much further than an hour away...

    Timing is obviously very important to a lot of people for practical reasons...

    However, the way I look at it is that you never know when you're going to meet that special somewhat who you're supposed to be with. You don't get to choose when that happens. I try to seize every opportunity that comes by, even if it doesn't seem like the timing is right. Because if you let it go, you may not get another chance.

    It seems to me worse to not try, then to try even though you know the circumstances aren't great.

    But then again, I'm far more of a dreamer than a realist. I'm always digging myself into situations that others would avoid, but that's part of who I am. I wish we could always live in the moment.

    My advice about your situation is that if you have the ability to play this cautiously, then do so. I don't want you to go get yourself hurt when you don't have to. But sometimes we have to just take a leap of blind faith, and seize the opportunity that comes our way. If you really like this guy, it would be silly for you to just walk away from him because you're afraid of being the rebound girl.

    But if you don't have to jump into a relationship right away, don't. Just don't wait too long either. There's good hesitation and bad hesitation. Know the difference between patience and fear.


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  • i understand that you really like him, but now what you've gotta think about is, your both in the same situation as each other you've both just got out of a really long relationship, and I'll be honist with most guys afte they've just got out of a relationship like that, there really only going to be looking for a rebound, but 1st of all you have to find a way to see if he likes you the same way, if he says yes, its cos he's not thinking straight, all he'll want is a rebound and its one thing I hate seeing, girls getting hurt, so like I said before its normally best to wait just a couple of month.

  • normally after breaking up with someone its best to be on your own for a while reason being is you just broke up from a long relationship, the guy your about to go out with could possibly think your just using him as a rebound, so tbh it might be a bit easier if your on your own for about a couple of month, just till you feel as though your fully ready to get back into the dating world.


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