My boyfriend and his brother's girlfriend act too close.

My boyfriend (17) and the girl(20) his brother has been dating for 5 years is constantly hanging out with my boyfriend. He constantly tags along with his brother and his girlfriend to bowl and so on. He is on a co ed soccer league with just this girl. And watches her games so she can drive them to their games without his brother there. And sometimes she acts flirty with him. She says things that get me and my boy into fights like she doesn't want us to date, Is it weird how much she wants to be around him? What should I do?


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  • Does the brother share your concerns? Or is he fine with the relationship his girlfriend and brother have?

    • He's fine with it

    • Then I would suggest you learn to live with it because I have a feeling if you demand he either pick you or her you may not like his decision.

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