Where do I go from here? Text message break up?

So, my boyfriend and I broke up a week ago. We knew each other for 9 months and had been officially dating for 5 months. It was totally unexpected and it happened after we had a very small argument through texting. We had a misunderstanding about hanging out that day and I feel like we both were afraid our relationship wasn’t going to work out because of how busy he’s going to be with sports in a month. I had dinner with his whole family the day before and we had a nice time together. Then the next day he told me that he didn't want to spend all of his free time with me anymore and then said that his feelings had changed a few weeks ago and he had no desire to be with me anymore. I said so you don’t love me? & his reply was that he loves our time together and being with me. He has a huge ego and he is into sports. I feel like he is hard on himself a lot too. He said he didn't want to meet in person to talk and that it was over and that it would make no difference. He didn’t seem to understand that break ups through text mean that he cares nothing about my feelings. He used to be crazy about me and treated me like a princess. We had an amazing relationship. He kept comparing our situation to that of his exes and how they started arguing and our relationship was going to end because that's what happened with theirs. I called him 2 days ago and left him a message just saying “hey I think we should end things the right way because we didn't have a bad relationship and I'm confused why it happened like this. I’m not going to bug you but I’d really like to talk to you about this”. He hasn't called and my birthdays in a week so I'm wondering if he'll even say happy birthday to me. I just am so confused. If he still has feelings and his ego is not allowing him to come back to me or he really is done with me. I’m still moving on but I’m still hurt and love him. Even if he did come back to me I don't know if I could let myself take him back, you know. I really need a guys perspective. I feel like he still has feelings for me but what does this all mean?


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  • I guess he has thought of someone else during the time you guys were together or perhaps interested on something else other than dating, for example sports... I just guess, I guess people who bored in relationship, they will break up even for a small argue, it's just a blame excuse.

    If what he want is breaking up through text, and not answer your call... you should accept it, you don't have to be friend w/him anymore, you don't have to call him, or talk clearly... It's always hard and confuse when thing became like this... I hope this help, I'm sorry

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