First date holy crap!! HELP!

This is my first proper date EVER it's this Friday, have no experience whatsoever, what do I do from right,RIGHT now to after. I know she may not be 'the one' or she very well could be I don't know but regardless I want to be able to do everything in my power to keep her around a while. Please be very,very specific with your answers.


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  • Don't overdo it and don't overstress yourself.

    No flowers, it will come off as creepy/weird not sweet and charming

    Don't go overboard with cologne, if you are nervous you may be apt to do this, so remember that to little is way better than to much, or if you don't use cologne, that's fine too, now is not the time to experiment

    Make a list of things you two can talk about, pets, siblings, parents, hobbies, places you have been, stay away from telling second hand stories, by that I mean every story should involve you in some way, even if your friend has a funny story about something that happened to him once, don't tell it. Your goal is to make her attracted to you. There is nothing wrong with talking about other people, but out of all the people you two talk about Friday night, you should sound like the most interesting one. bring the list you wrote with you if you feel you need to, but only review it in the bathroom.

    Think of a couple good stories that do involve you, even if they aren't super funny, they are helpful in establishing the fact that you do stuff and aren't incredibly boring. Don't tell them all at once, only bring them up if they fit well into the conversation. Don't force it or you will seem egotistical. If you don't get to all of them, that's fine there will be a next time.

    Have a backup plan, you never know what may happen, it may be too busy where you are planning on going, or maybe there will be someone there who she doesn't want to see (an ex perhaps) any number of things can happen, and "I have an idea." sounds a hell of lot manlier than "so, what do you want to do"

    Try not to talk to her to much in the meantime, don't avoid her, and be sure to return any calls and texts, but don't go out of your way to contact her.

    Pick out what you will wear on Thursday night then get plenty of sleep. Friday, a few hours before your date, work out, even if you don't normally, but take it easy, don't pull a muscle or anything crazy like that. This will help you in a couple of ways, it will pump your body full of endorphins which will make you feel good and help you relax, furthermore your muscles are slightly bigger for a couple hours after you work out.

    Show up on time, and act relaxed and confident even if you aren't. People may tell you to be yourself. That is a load of horsesh*t, being yourself means being a nervous wreck, be the super version of yourself.

    Have fun on the date, this is the most important thing, if you aren't having fun, she won't have fun, if she isn't having fun, there won't be a second date.

    Don't worry about a kiss at the end of the night. It may happen, it may not, but don't think about it during the date, keep your head in the game! When it comes time to call it a night, play it by ear, a slightly awkward "good night" without a kiss is way better than going for a kiss when she didn't want one. But if you feel the opportunity is there, then go for it.

    Stay confident. You will do fine.

    Good luck.

    • Out Fu(king standing, I think we'll make a night of exchanging crazy stories from when we were younger, She used to be a partyer I used to be as well thanks a lot man.

    • Among other things of course.

    • Glad I could help. You might also want to check out these tips on this blog I read from time to time, they usually have great advice

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  • It's okie, don't worry... I don't know what type of girl she is, but it's important for you to dress well and behave well in the proper date. Just be yourself, respect her, be polite to her.. for example, open the door for her, pull her chair, don't swear, dont' talk about yourself too much, ask to be hold her hand, don't take advance of her, take her home early etc... and pay for the dinner...

  • be nice. before during and after. even if it doesn't work out well.

    Lol. act like a gentlemen but don't make it too over the top as it will come across as fake. when guys do that with me I'm just like wtf are you doing? ha ha

    so just remain calm, try not be to nervous. even if your secretly dying inside.. hah ask her questions about herself. talking eases the tension. smile :) and act like your a happy friendly person because no one likes a grump. :)

    after the date, let her no that you can't wait to see her again, or ask when you can see her again. by her response to that, you will know how you went. :P haha

    haha good luck :D


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  • You should be courteous, it's a first date, but not to the point where it's stifling. Don't try too hard to make everything perfect. Go with something simple, since it's your very first.

    I'd recommend doing an activity, really, since it's easy to get into and you don't need to talk too much. If you're good with conversation go ahead and take her out to eat, if not, go for something physically involving. If you're not too good with the sports and you're not going to be able to laugh off looking a little stupid, go with a movie. It'll be a slow start, but it's a start. You won't have to talk much and it can be a slightly awkward before your seated, but once the movie rolls you're more or less safe. Just let her know your there with her every now and then.

    Don't focus too much on the fact that it's your first date. Just think of it as hanging out with a friend, who happens to be a girl. Sweet, delicate, and the like. But make sure you're having fun. Don't be so caught up in the idea that it's a date that you don't enjoy yourself. If you're having fun, chances are she is too. And why wouldn't you? If you're dating her, you must enjoy her company. Just let her know that.

  • Imagine that a guy was coming over to take your Mother out for a date. How would you want him to act?

    That's how YOU act towards this woman. Like a perfect gentleman.

  • Congrats. I don't have advice though. Sorry.