Anyone feel pressured to be in the party scene?

I love having a good time and do go out every once in a while. But I'm not crazy about going out to parties like everyone else at college. I would rather do fun things sober but I feel like I won't meet many girls because most go out ALL the time. And if you don't party, you may be seen as boring:(.

Does anyone have any tips for meeting and hanging with girls outside the party scene?


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  • i party but I definitly go through phases where I don't do it for a while then I will again. I DO NOT expect to meet a potential boyfriend partying because to me a lot of those people just want hook ups.

    so to meet other people who really have to put yourself out there. like you have to actually go up to people in public and introduce yourself, like meeting girls at the mall or at the gym, or at starbucks or chapterss which might sound lame but I go there all the time to buy books and meeting guys there is fun because thet actually seem intelligent work, at the blockbuster through other friends, you just have to be creative in looking and then have the confidence to approach them


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  • No...I prefer to not hang around the drunken and druggie crowd.Not my thing.Ok,people can view me as boring,I don't care,not my problem.

    • So in general, what do girls do on weekends when they don't go out partying?

    • Personally,lately I hadn't been doing anything because my friends all went out of town unfortunately.

      We go shopping,to the mall and window shop,out to eat,we stay at home and film stupid videos that we put on youtube,we do whatever we consider fun.My friends and I do that and much more.We hang out and do stupid,crazy legal things.

      Or personally for me,if a football or basketball game is on,I'm watching haha.

  • I don't party. I usually just hang out at the library or student center to study most of the time. Both the student organizations I've joined sometimes have fun events like bowling, baking parties, and trips to other schools or places. Most of my friends I've met in those organizations so maybe you could try that.


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