A girl I don't know kissed my boyfriend. What should I do?

So my boyfriend met her a week ago at a job party and again randomly at a subway station a few days ago. He said he hung out with her for a while before going at my apartment, because he didn't know at what time I was finishing my shift and his wednesday friends reunion was canceled. I used not to mind when he hung out with girls, because I trusted him and quite a portion of his girl friends are either my friends or people I know he wouldn't date.

What bothers me is the fact that she kissed him (even if he said he headed straight back to my apartment, after reminding her he was in a relationship) and what brought girl to think it was okay to kiss him, knowing full well he had a girlfriend.

I myself was in love for about three years with a guy that had a girlfriend, three years that I spent hiding it from him because I liked him too much to force him to hurt one of his best friends (me) or to even try to ruin his relationship, so it pisses me off twice as much that this bitch did something like that so easily.

The point is, when my boyfriend told me about what happened, at first I was pissed and just called her a fancy french word for "easy slut". Then, we had a nice evening together (our sixth month celebration) and when he left this morning everything was seemingly fine.

It hit me hard, though, today, I spent the afternoon thinking about all of this and I realized that I don't trust him at all anymore. When other guys try to flirt with me or even just dance with me when I go out with only my girlfriends from highschool, I tell them very clearly I'm not looking for that, so why the hell is he hanging out alone with a girl who clearly has a crush on him ?

Do you think it's some kind of power trip, that he's trying to prove to me that I'm not the only one in line ? Because we did have a talk (not a fight, we really just talked about it, we don't yell or insult each other) recently about how he felt that I thought he was an idiot when he talked in public and how every time I called him (about twice a week just to know where we're gonna meet or whatever, I'm not a big phone user) I felt like I was bothering him and blablablabla and I thought that it really did help us.

How should I tell him it's bothering me so much ?

Please help me, I don't want to be an overly jealous bitch, but I don't want to lie to him and act as if it didn't affect me.

Thank you so much


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  • They best way is to deal with this is quickly and open.If you speak about it ,it won't fester and be always on your mind. It sounds like you should get a positive answer to your situation and not to worry more about it.


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  • A kiss takes two. Figure it out.


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  • Tell him exactly how you feel about the situation. He has no right to let that girl kiss him.

    I give him credit for telling you and not hiding it from you. Most guys would have not said a word. He probably told you so that you can trust him but don't fling it off like nothing happened because I can guarantee you that if a guy kissed you he would have blown your top off.

    Ask him where you stand with him because the last thing you need is a player in your life and I'm sure you don't want to waste time with a guy if he isn't serious about you.

    Suggest to him that you don't want him to see that girl again. If he doesn't respect your wishes then you know what to do.

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