How and where do girls like to be approched by men?

Bars and pubs supposed to be a good place for hitting on girls but i find it most of the time unsuscessful.
Also im dancing salsa becuse im into the dance but also becuse it's a good ice breaker. i dated few girls i mat on salsa but some of the girls i see everytime im reluctent to approch in this manner becuse it can be awkward afterwards if they reject my offer.
Another question if you like to be approch on the street or on the bus. Im not sure if i hassle them.
Somtime when i come up to a girl I don't have something interesting to say so i go striaght forward, usually it doesn't work, it seems that it better to find converation topic or stupid reason to approch.
What do you think?How and where girls like to be approched by men??
  • How and where girls like to be approched by men??Bar or a pub
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  • How and where girls like to be approched by men??Dance class
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  • How and where girls like to be approched by men??Dance party
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  • How and where girls like to be approched by men??On the street
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  • How and where girls like to be approched by men??At the beach
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  • How and where girls like to be approched by men??Communal dinner
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  • I had so many situations where I thought of trying to approach the girl I just saw passing by on the street, when our eyes met and I felt like we are both interested, but I just have no fuqin idea how to do it, should I just turn around and chase her, and say like "Wait!!"? 😂

    • My view on subject is just approch her nicely and say something casual that pop up your mind when you saw her. Like she wear a nice dress or she use some headphones you think to buy or whatever (especially good looking girls get complaint on their beauty all the time so its better to be original). If the intraction going well keep talking a bit until you feel comfortable to ask her phone number. If it doesn't go well just tell her have a good day and walk a way.
      But the most important is just do it. The second most important is make her feel comftable the whole interaction even if she refuse. This way you bith can enjoy it and she not gonna fel theart.

    • Thanks for the answer ^^
      So you think I should just say something like "wow, you have such a nice dress", BEFORE we pass each other, if we are walking towards each other? :D

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What Girls Said 6

  • Beach makes me think he's a perv for obvious reasons... bar makes me think he wants a one night stand. Dance class I dont do but I find it desperate... id think he only joined up to speak to women if he started hitting on me

  • if you want a long term relationship then i wouldn't at the bar, maybe at a dance thing though, like if she's sitting by herself or something then you could ask her to dance or sit and ask if she's ok

  • Library.

  • on a party

  • coffee shop!

  • I don't want to be approached


What Guys Said 7

  • Women are just pain in ads, mgtow is the new way to go,
    Amount of money you spend in dating can be spend on yourself or for paid sex to get a release.

  • You forgot the " nowhere & never " option. Most women are sick of male attention & want men to leave them well alone !!

    • I can understand that position but also I must say that I would like to experience attention like that.

    • Well if not at all, the human spicy would stop from existing 😆

  • I picked dance party because at least there the two have a chance of already knowing each other. I find that people don't like to be "approached" by anyone without consent or expectation, so places like the beach or the street are awful.

  • For me, bonfires. Out in the back woods, you get a nice fire and some four wheelers and side by sides out their, it's a good way to find a wife

  • First I would avoid girls at bars. I don't think what you say at first means a lot. Of course you want to seem nice, but the key is to say something. If a girl you find a girl attractive approaches you do you really care what she'd say? I personally think girls will tend to reciprocate interest based on appearance when meeting in public places where there isn't much time to get to know each other. I've seen it and experienced it. I think they tend to show interest if they find you physically appealing. I'm not saying attraction is everything--I mean look like you have a job and similar interests if that makes sense.

    Trying to win them with words I don't think is effective tactic with most girls. Would you give a girl you didn't find attractive your number if she was great with words? Maybe as a friend right? They usually want to like how you look and be open to talking to a new person.

  • According to the female responses here, not at all.

  • Dunno. I've been rejected every time.


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