First time date!

how do you suggest you hide being kinda nervous on your first date ?


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  • Don't. Why hide it? Every body is. Your date probably is. I've found the more I wear my heart on my sleeve the more people seem to accept and feel comfortable with me. I'm sure the fact that you're nervous won't turn your date off. He'll probably feel comfortable knowing you share his nervousness and it'll probably make you both feel better.

    If you're worried about messing up or saying the wrong thing, no blame to you. Everyone does. But I find that the more I get nervous and worry about something, the more I tend to sabotage myself and screw things up. Accept your nervousness, feel it but don't wallow in it. You can't make it go away (save with experience) but you can put it at the back of your mind and try to have a good time.

    Have fun on your date!

    • Wow dude ty so much you really helped me think about it date is Friday :) ..its justthe first time we are gunna meet so ill be weird your right I'm worried ill be to nervous and be to shy or somethin I don't wanna mess it up ty ty ty:)

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