Why doesn't she come over?

I am dating a girl and she works a lot, it seems like every time I ask her to come over now she is busy working or tired. She still texts me pretty much every day though, so what is up? I would think she is not interested but then why the hell would she keep talking to me and acts all flirty while messaging me, but never wants to hang out. I'm almost ready to write her off but trying to figure out what is going on in her head.


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  • I dated a girl once that sort of put me in that same sort of situation. I just figured her reasons were authentic and I'd give her room and time to rest. So she'd pretty much decide when we could hang out and do things together. Turns out she still kept close to her ex-husband and he frequented her place and spent a-lot of time around her. Once I caught on I bounced. However, another girl I dated with the same characteristics worked nights and was genuinely worn out a good portion of the time. (during daylight hours anyway) She would always want me to come over to her place though. (which I didn't mind) I'd cook with her. Bathe with her. Give her rub downs and try to relax her as much as possible, but she wouldn't hesitate to see me. I think that was the key difference between the two. There's gotta be a reason she's trying to be distant yeah? It's convenient to send texts whenever or wherever you are.

    • Ouch, let's hope she's not hidin' a husban'. I guess I'll just have to wait it out.

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  • Somthing similar happened to me before, I straight out asked himwhat was going on, he made an excuse about being too busy for a relationship.

    I thought it was over but he kept texting me, we started dating again so it turned out what was really bugging him wasn't 'being too busy', he just didn't want it to get serious. Maybe she's just scared?

  • Ok well, I am one of those girls who has done that to a guy LOL! I feel bad about it but I did it none the less. Anyway the point is, the reason I did this was simply because I was afraid to get serious with this guy. If you guys are more on a friend bases then what you do is to simply continue talking with her, I mean your just friends you don't need to keep inviting her over...

    However, if you are slightly aware that she likes you even the smallest bit then you need to, offer for her to come over, and tell her the offer is always open, anytime of the day. If she answers you with a sure OK maybe sometime ( then she is interested) but remember you need to be true to your word and leave your doors always open to her. That's means even at 3am in the morning. Just remember not to be to pushy... and remember to tell her once in a while that the offer still stands!

    Good Luck!

    • Well she kissed me last week, so I'd say it's a pretty good sign she slightly likes me.

  • maybe she is nervous

    • Well she's making me nervous now! haha

    • Well maybe she jsut doesn't want somethin go to far you guys should hang out not at your house maybe hers or out some where I'm bein nervous now for a date thing I'm going on ...on friday

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