Dating Guys With Tattoos?

I don't have any but I plan to but either one on or three,no more.One that am considering is my Zodiac Sign,Leo or that Superman S in the middle of my chest.How do you girls feel about tattoos?Would you date a guys with tattoo/tattoos.How much is too much tattoos? Do you think tattoos are trashy like some people say about girls with multiple piercings? Or do you look at the person and personality and not the tattoo?


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  • I don't think there is such a thing as ''too many tattoos''! I love them, I have two. I don't think they are trashy at all, nor do I find piercings trashy either. I think tattoos are a great way to express yourself. And while I do mosly look at personality, I'd still look at the tattoos as well. Good body art tells a story, and makes for a great conversation starter :)


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  • I would date someone with tattoo's, I personally look at the person. I don't mind tattoos but I like it when they have a meaning. I think tattos can really tell you about someone. So if you had a leo tattoo, I'd know your a leo. Or the superman S I would know you like superman.

  • Personally, I like tats and I want a few of them myself. But the only thing with is, I find it up attractive when guys go over board with tattoos. Just have a few on your body instead of having whole arm or leg done. And please don't tattoo the top of your head. "YUCK!"

  • Honestly, yeah. I think tats look a bit trashy.

    Appearances may not matter in the long run of a relationship but upon the initial meeting your appearance matters and contributes to that 1st impression.

    I have friends that have tats and I'm cool with them but that's because their my friends and I know them. And I may like other people with tats too but for reasons unknown I feel reluctant in getting close to guys with tats...BUT your body, your choice

    If you must, get a tat that represents meaning in your life: a belief, your mother, motivation

    In otherwords "PLEASE NOT THE SUPERMAN 'S'! that's going to be so so sad when you're 50!

    ...also a bit sad if you're in your 20's

    • Y about the S and being 50? I want it cause its my favorite childhood super hero.

    • Well...are you a child anymore? its like tatooing elmo on my chest, I think he's awesome but I'm not in preschool anymore.

      I don't know what's 'in' where you live, but here in Aus the girls would find that very weird and very funny

      But, dare to be different I guess

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