Humiliated over drunken texts?

So I got a little too drunk this weekend and basically made an ass of myself. This boy that I've been booty calling and who was booty calling me as well for a while is a real jerk to me. But when I get drunk I seem to forget all about that and text him anyway. This night in particular I was very inebriated and proceeded to text him. I asked him what he was up to and he said "not hooking up with you.." Which my sober self would have interpreted as a clear rejection but of course my drunken self looked right past that and continued to text him. He called me after the second one and proceeded to say dirty things to me (asking me for naked pics I think?), some of which I don't remember completely.

He had seemed like he was going to come over to my house, so I was waiting for that I guess and was hanging out at my neighbors house and proceeded to text and call him numerous times and some of the texts were kind of dirty. I woke up the next morning, saw what I had done and sent him an apology (which he didn't even fully deserve because he's an ass). He never responded.

I guess my question is, how do I get over this humiliation? I deleted all trace of him from my phone so this won't happen again. But I'm just worried that I will die of embarrassment if I ever see him again. What would do I do to redeem myself and reclaim my dignity?


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  • Only time will heal this situation. Thankfully you removed all traces of him from your phone to avoid this in the future. Just realize you learned a lesson from this and feel good about that. If he tries to contact you in the future, ignore his calls and don't booty call jerks in the future. Better, yet, don't booty call at all. Save sex for a guy who is really in to you and will treat you better.


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  • So you're going to die of embarrassment over a few dirty texts you sent while you were drunk to a guy who has been using you for sex? I'm sorry but I think the chance of reclaiming lost dignity with him is long gone.

    • Harsh, but good points.

      I meant gaining my dignity back with myself cause I feel pretty bad I went that low and am just ashamed of myself.

    • Everyone has low points, don't feel bad, chances are you won't sink that low again, sorry for being so harsh :)

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  • this has happened to me before as well. If he didn't respond to you are apology text than screw him! if you see him just act like you don't know who he is. and way to go deleting all traces of him. I'm sure he will call you when he wants to hook up whether its a week or a month down the line. he will be back guys like that always are. don't worry about it is my best advice to you