Got her number, tough to talk to via text?

I saw a friend I haven't seen in 2 years, when she first saw me she hugged me, we chatted for 30 minutes, etc..,anyway she gave me her number and we hugged before we parted ways. So that day about ~2 hours later she texts me, I reply, as does she but her reply is 3 words, since I'm busy I leave it at that and tell her ill text her later. I text her later on asking hows everything going, and again I get a very simple response.

Just trying to figure out what the deal is, she was very talkative in person, but texting her is like pulling teeth. I don't want to be pushy but the simple responses drive me nuts. Idea, suggestions?


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  • Simple just call and only meet in person if she's only 'fun' in person. Also if you stop texting her it'll drive her 'NUTS'. Now the a mistake you can make is texting her and keep trying to get her to talk. It's just not working so STOP. If you keep texting you're gonna come off as a needy guy 'always wanting to talk' now that's okay if you want to weird her out. The less you see and less you try to talk to her the more she's going to want to talk to you.

    Now.. you called her a 'friend' at the begging, if you wan't to be just friends that's cool. But girls don't usually trade 'friendship' with 'boyfriend' so I suggest you start taking things to the next level quick! Or else she'll only see you as 'friend' material.

    • Thanks, I would call but the hole simple text responses gave me a mixed answer. She was the first to text me, Like I said I replied, as did she with short answers (2 texts exchanged) and once I saw the short I answers I never texted her back nor did she text me back. I left everything alone for 1 day thinking what do. I was thinking of texting her today, but not sure what to say thinking ill get a 1 word response.

    • Were my words even getting to your HEAD?

      The last thing you just said on your comment was

      "I was thinking of texting her today, but not sure what to say thinking ill get a 1 word response"

      Don't try to think of things to say; let her think of things to say. Trust your gut that she's gonna reply with a one word response. If you want to talk to her then meet up with her and just talk.

      Leaving things for 1 day is a poor effort. Don't feel the need to talk to her everyday.

    • Gosh.... I'd wish this thing would give me more space to write. Stupid.. Oh right back to the point.

      Stay busy and don't have to time to talk to her that way she'll have to talk to you and she will if she wants to. If she doesn't want to talk to you then why would you even want to start conversations with her? Okay enough. I hope you've learned a lesson.

      All the best.

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