My boyfriend would rather hang out with his friend (girl) then me!!!?

Okay so I'm cooking dinner one night ( I don't do this very often ) and I have invited my parents and family friends and I asked him (assuming he would come no matter what) and he says to me that he oh I'm sorry I have made prior arrangements with friends. Okay so you would rather ditch me and my once in a billion years cooking dinner for your friends?! And he says well My brother and I want to hang out with the girls that night, and the girls I don't have a problem with JUST ONE girl I despise of she is rude and all touchy and you know there is a line you can flirt with him but once you touch him and get all close with him your crossing a very big line and I don't put up with sh*t like that. Anyways ... so this ONE girl is going and when I ask him she is the one girl who seems to be going. I trust him I just don't trust her. I don't know how to control an iphone for life of me I went to play a game on his phone and it went to messages and last message was to her and all I read was from him to her saying "whenever you want it baby" I flipped out obviously it looked like I was snooping but why instead of him saying in a nice calm voice hunny its nothing we were just goofing around he starts a yelling match with me and gets his guard up. you only get your guard up if your protecting something. Anyways, so this Thursday instead of coming over for my dinner he wants to go out with her and the girls and his brother for dinner. SO I said okay how bout you come over for desert, ( I'm trying to compromise here) he says well if we aren't doing anything else then its a possibility. ... like what the heck!

Oh and get this on this bitches birthday they go downtown to a night club. my boyfriend never wants to go to night clubs he says its not his thing and he would get bored by sitting there and watching us girls dance and hold our bags. I said well no I wouldn't leave you and he said no I would rather not! so on this girls birthday they go to a nightclub downtown and he goes and when I show up after my party I was at guess what he's sitting and watching the bags I asked him so why do you come here and not with me. he says its her birthday and I'm watching there bags. ITS LIKE UHM HELLO I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND WHY IN THE NAME ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE HER HAPPY YOUR SUPPOSE TO MAKE ME HAPPY! uhggg.

i don't know what to do with these situations help me people.

Everyone tells me to stop thinking about it and boys will be boys

or that I should dump him

or blah blah blah... I'm lost


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  • You want your boyfriend to have zero priorities that aren't you. If that girl weren't a good friend, it would be some other girl, or it would be his brother. You're just p*ssed off that you aren't his no-matter-when priority #1.

    And he wasn't ditching you. You assumed he would run to you whenever you called, and he made other plans. He WOULD HAVE been ditching his friends.

    Your boyfriend is not a lapdog, he's a person. Start treating him like one.

    • Okay okay that's fair. but I'm never Number one, I drop all my plans for him but I don't get the same... this is what I'm saying. I've been with him for over 5 years. I would expect a little more from him ya know... and I'm not asking him to ditch his friends, just consider me too. ya know.

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