Do white guys like black girls?

Okay I'm 19year black girl and I'm usually attracted to white guys.. Lately that's all I been talking/dating.. I feel that they treat girls way better compared to black dudes. Plus I really don't have black guys talking to me really because people always tell me I don't "act" black and that I'm what "white washed" I just want to know how many guys are willing to date a decent black girl at times it's hard to find out if a white guy is willing to talk to a black girl because you don't know if there racist or anything..


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  • Ahh too much! iv been answering this question way much recently lol, as much as id like to help I'm going to stop answering these questions for quite a while. anyway... yeah we do! but I really feel like I need to relate this to the u.s because here its never really seemed like a black girl has hesitated to go for a white guy and vice versa, its a little more laid back it seems. still... I'm sure there are plenty of white guys that find you very attractive, they could possibly feel how you do about them. just try to give off some hints or try to make friends with them to build up their confidence, I'm sure if given the chance they'd love to go out with you


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  • Some do some don't. Usually it's not a racist thing. As for me for the most part I don't.


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  • Darling, I wish my eyes were as open as yours are at your age. White men more than like us but they like black men fear out strength. And as a fellow alumni of white washed black woman my happier and calmer relationships have always been with white men. Don't be afraid to become friends with as many as possible because eventually spending enough time with the one you like will build their confidence. Feel free to ask them out; we are a decade into the new millennium! Try to avoid the ones who grew up with too many black friends. Some make the mistake of trying to emanate their friends again because of that lack of confidence.

    • Thanks a lot for your advice :)

    • No, we don't fear your "strength" as much as we fear your attitude. Black women are the most difficult people I've ever dealt with, because they seem willing to go to war over every perceived slight and insult. It's like y'all walk around with this enormous chip on your shoulder that makes you believe that everyone is out to harm you. It's very unattractive, especially to white guys who grew up with mothers who were nothing like that.

      No man wants to date a woman who believes that she's god's gift to humanity. That kind of narcissism makes for awful relationships.