A guy I know asked me to lunch and behaved interestingly?

He and I had had a thing back in winter and I walked away after he tried some funny business and then claimed he was "just horny." Now, he's come back into my life (barely) and I can't decide if I'm the rebound girl, if he's just bored, or genuinely interested.

He asked me to meet him for lunch today, which I agreed to, and it was a rather pleasant occurrence. We shared some stories, and seemed to be getting along OK. A couple awkward moments though (the server commented that we made a cute couple.. ugh) and he picked me up when we hugged goodbye (which I found a bit uncomfortable because I don't like to be picked up). But like him. What I'm worried about is that he's going to turn around and do what he did before, which was to make me feel like trash.. something I cannot allow. I'm pretty sure that he just broke up with someone (don't know how long they dated) and that he's just using me.

Am I right to be worried?


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  • I don't to be mean but it sounds like your his rebound. My friend was in the same situation as you and she ended up getting hurt in the end. If I were you I would ask what happend with his ex and try to talk him about the situation with him and you. You shouldn't feel like trash when your with someone you like you should feel relaxed and calm. But then again what do I know. So yeah I don't if this helps you lol.

    • Yeah it does.. I've been mentally debating talking to him about it but.. I'm procrastinating. haha. I just am so tired of getting hurt. Thanks for some outside opinion, my best friend's opinion is helpful, but biased, if you know what I mean.

    • Yup I know what your talking about.

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