Insisting to pay for herself?

A girl I like and I are going to a coffee shop tomorrow with another friend of mine...not really a date...but still a get together. I'm happy for that. Taking things slowly. Anyway, she's kind of playfully insisting on paying for her own drink. In my mind, the guy's supposed to pay for stuff, so if she's insisting on paying, is that bad for the 'does she like me' question? Or does it mean nothing and am I over-analyzing this?


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  • you are over-analysing things. If you want to buy her something then buy her flowers , some woman you can't "buy" . SHe is showing you that she is independant and likes doing her own thing and does not actually need you , she's a keeper ! I love woman like her ...

  • If someone else is coming its usually okay if the woman pays because its more of just a social friend group environment whereas a one on one date is just that ... a formal date


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