Something wrong with me? Ladies please help!

OK, I was raised by my family to be a southern gentlemen (open doors, be nice, pull out the chair, etc. etc.) but despite my best efforts many of the girls I know from school or gone on dates with have said that I am too nice, or that I am the sweetest guy they know, but do not want to ruin our friendship. It was just the way I was raised, but why do women not want a guy who does all those things?


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    I don't think that is a bad thing at all!

    I would absolutely love a guy who did all of that for me.

    Trust me, the women in your town just don't appreciate that there are some complete jerks out there, and to have someone like you is a breath of fresh air.

    My advice would be to not change who you are, because you will find plenty of women who appreciate those gestures. Stick with it - there is someone special out there for you!


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  • depsite the fact that a woman does actually want a guy like that, but also a guy who is an asshole... we have absolute no fu cking clue what it is that we really want.


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  • It's not that they don't like those things, it's that you don't do anything else to create emotion in them. If you took them on a bank robbery and a high speed chase THEN opened doors for them things would be different.

    You don't need to do anything criminal but you get my point, being pleasant alone isn't going to make a girl want to f*** you! I mean if a fat ugly chode of a woman with acne all over her face opened doors for you and bough you dinner, would that be enough to f*** her? (if your southern maybe disregard that question)

    • Trust me I do plenty to create emotion in them. Its not like its every single girl, its more like 5 girls I have dated out of I don't know 10-12

    • Well there are always going to be f***ed up girls that look and smell nice on the outside but are messed up on the inside. Your gentleman ways have basically protected you from f***ed up situations. I know hot and crazy bitches sound like fun on paper but trust me when I say the reality is that they will drag you down with them so just see your gentleman ways as a shield. If your hooking up with the other 5 - 7 girls its all good yeah?

    • Haha amen to that bro

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