Is she dating multiple people?

I'm curious, I just recently went on 2 dates with this girl I met online. So far she seems really great, however I feel like maybe she is one of these new age people who date multiple people at once. I'm new to dating so I'm not sure how I would feel since I haven't tried it. But when is too soon to ask? would it seem like I'm trying to make things serious all the sudden if I ask? I mainly want to ask, because if she is only interested in dating me, that would make me feel pretty good, however if she is dating others at the same time - I'd like to try that too.


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  • try asking her indirectly. Try something like: so do you meet a lot of internet people who are interesting?

    I met a guy through the internet on craigslist because I was bored and I got like 200 people who wrote back. Me and this guy wrote back and forth to each other for 1/2 a year. Then we decided to meet up on Valentines day, and we continued to go out (mostly canoeing/kayaking/white water rafting etc). When we went out I was cautious and I ask that question, and he said yes don't you? So I knew he was seeing multiple women. Besides I went back to check craigslist and he always had ads up there so I knew he was seeing other women. When I got a boyfriend and he noticed on facebook, he started to ask me on more dates (movies? canoeing? kayaking?) but I was like, sorry I'm super busy so I can't. But yeah, I know how it feels to not be the only one the guy is seeing. So yeah, maybe you'd feel something like I would feel but whatever. Good luck


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  • She might be or she might not be, but you have no in say any of that at this point. You went on two dates Two dates is nothing, all you can do is not worry about, don't even ask her if she is. Keep dating her, if she likes you she will bring it up. Feel free to date as many women as you want at this point your both single.