5th Date.....:( getting dry....

I meet lovely 33 woman, and have out for 5th date so far ;)

all went really great she and I have attraction both ways.

good conversation and all what build good atmosphere...

we dating for the last month officially 5th dates and in between phone/sms not on daily basis. on one of the week days she ask me politely if can I assist her in some handymen jobs at her workplace...and other time she offer her help when I moved to new flat...

there is small touching flirting from my side and bit from her side...i am trying to initiate but seems she is bit shy, hesitate or closed. usually when we saying goodbye she is giving me her cheeks...on the 5th date she lean forward and I kiss her lips but kind of cold closed kiss...i can't said it was sexy kiss :( she told me on the date she had long relation 6 and 4 years and never short term...kind of conservative to me or hope not frigidity.

i am kind of person who travel and gained my experience short and long relations with many girls...intimacy not necessary sex but more affection is missing to me I am confidant and keep my health and looks attractive...i have the option to check other girls but I want this one.

i am start to get bit bored and cold...and think she felt that in our last date...and before she left she said something like 'if you still want to go out this weekend call me'... after she text me a message that she had gr8 time with me.

i am getting frustrated.

need your advise?


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  • I would say just continue to be patient with her. she probably has been hurt in the past and is scared to enter into initmate realtionships without fully assessing the situation and making sure the guy's feelings are geniune. You should take that has a compliement that she is taking her time with you before lying into bed. That means she likes you and doesn't want to ruin things by rushing into things. She also sounds a bit more conservative and mature. If you really like her I would say just wait a bit longer becauseshe just may be worth it. There's an old school Janet Jackson song called "let's wait awhile" listen to it and maybe it will help you understand better the situation. Also, try being openwith her, ask her how does she feel for you and tell her you're not getting attraction vibes from her. I hope this helps...keep us posted.

    • Thanks for your usfull advise 'coolgurl09', I will implement that.

      She called me yesterday and I asked her how her day is going so far... I felt on the phone she 'bit' more open specially when she 'incidentally' start to talk about my physical apperance, I didn't excpect that but I assume its a good sign. I ask her to go out again and will tell her what I feel to her.....;)

      p.s. gr8 song substance...;)

  • go with the old saying..."Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?" Then again my co-worker slept with her current husband on the first date and they've been married for 10 years now. it's your call but me personally I wouldn't because I like to be a man's challenge and look at myself as a golden prize.


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