This one is for the ladies: Men, would you date the hottest woman in the world if you found out?

That she was broke and she will never ever ever ever EVER have a single penny her whole life?

Be honest now.

I don't know about you, but I simply can't get hard when I look at megan fox if I think that she has no "ambition".

Let me make this clear. A woman with no money is the same as a housewife. She wants to stay home, take care of the kids, use YOUR money to live off of.

But she's super hot and everything else is awesome.

Call me old fashioned. I Guess some people think its wrong to want to be the breadwinner of the house and provide for your woman.I just think its f***ed up to yell at your wife and say "go out and get a job you lazy whore!"But that's just me.


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  • Assuming I'm single: And she would be faithful, sexual and deferential to me? Absolutely. You can forgo a lot of "wealth" if your marital bed is warm.

    • Wow. This one stirred the pot. I interpreted the question as prioritizing contribution to a wealthy lifestyle versus simply having someone who consumes your emotional and sexual energy in a positive way. Trust me. Reliable joy in the early AM and a 1998 minivan is better than Rosie O'Donnell, her money and a Mercedes S600.

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  • I think it depends on whether she cares how much money I have. If she is just going to suck me dry and F every guy in the neighborhood while I'm slaving at work then HELL NO.

    If she is fine with whatever level of lifestyle I could provide, then why the hell not.

    If I was broke ass OR a billionaire, I wouldn't want anyone that would ruin my finances, cause me anguish or potentially hurt any children involved. I don't care how perfect she is on the outside. There are some crazy ass hoe's out there and I'm keeping my distance.

  • Money doesn't mean jack. It's only a tool.

    Hot doesn't mean jack. Looks fade.

    Quit making excuses for your problems. You want to blame your bad luck with women on money. I would bet it has more to do with you.

    It the same old game. Lets find a way to make anything else responsible for where and who we are.

    Do you suppose the reason you have such a poor opinion of woman is because they have a poor opinion of you?

    • What a lie.

      It's the same old game. "lets try and make ourselves look good to women by kissing their ass and telling them looks don't matter."

      Do you suppose women like a man with a backbone or one that kisses their ass and lies to them?

      Do you suppose jerks get laid (ones that have poor opinions of women)or do nice guys get laid? that's a tough one.

      I believe your name is a joke, you are a virgin.

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    • I agree Yamez. money doesn't mean anything. Looks do.

      Thats not what that guy was saying though. He's saying looks don't matter to men. Which we all know is pure horsesh*t.

    • ROFL believe what you wish.....but my wife still thinks you're a moron.

      I don't need to make myself look good. You care to look at my profile? It hasn't changed since the day I joined the site. I'm not here to pick up anything....married and quite happy.

      You on the other hand are still trying to make your screwed up personality someone elses fault.....and you blame it on money. Grow up, be a man and do something about it ya whinner.

  • Some people do seek others solely on status. How many of those people are happy with that person? It sounds like you've been burned maybe and you want verification that how you're feeling now is right? It's normal to feel bad in a situation like that but don't let it be the basis for how you see people in the future.

    • Evolutionarily speaking men are visual. there's no denying that. and they don't care about a woman's pocket book.

  • She will *never* have a penny? Is she comatose? A vegetable? Incurably psychotic?

    If she is so broken that she's unemployable, she's likely undateable as well.

    Short answer: No.

    • This man won't date a housewife who wants to be taken care of who is super hot and f***s him all night long.

      Short answer: Lie.

      Way to try and impress women on the INTERNET.

  • I don't date women based on how much money they have, but at the same time I agree with that I-hedoniste said.

  • Damn YES!

    Tbh I don't mind being the one who earns the money for the house.

    • Yeah, and that's the way it should be. I don't see anything wrong with taking care of a woman.

      But some people on here....who claim to be married.. and they are not.... suggest they would force their wife out on the street if she didn't bring home additional funding. That's pretty f***ed up.

      Personally I see nothing wrong with being the breadwinner.