What should I text him?

So I'm really into this guy. He used to ignore my texts, but I think it may have been because we didn't really know each other. Now we have been hanging out a lot and we've been hitting it off really well. We have a lot of the same interests and we go to a lot of the same events. I want to text him now to see if he'll text me back, but I don't know what to text him? I also don't want to just go with "hey" because this kid is super shy and it's hard to start a conversation about anything more than the weather by just saying "hey"

We're both into:

Music (we have favorite bands in common)

going to shows (we've been to 2 shows together this week. with other friends)



basically being outdoors



What should I text him?


eh, went way too much into it... we text all the time now...


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  • You must learn that it's the GUY"S job to chase the GIRL. NOT VICE VERSA>

    If he likes you... and wants to spend time with you... he will figure out a way! You don't have to edraw him a picture... and text him.. Guys may like the attention... but you will never become a girlfriend ( serious one) at that rate. You chase him and you will look desperate. Please stop. A guy wants a girl who is a challenge... someone to WIN... a "PRIZE".. You are making it WAY too easy for this guy. Stop. Do nothing. Don't call. NOTHING.. If he likes YOU, he will come to YOU and ask where YOU have been! See the difference? You need to learn that chasing a guy is a losing battle. You may catch him for a while - he may be entertained by you - maybe even ask you for sex - call you when he's bored... But he will NEVER think of you as a girlfriend. Hugz.

    • I'm sorry, but reading your answer just made my head scream "NOOO". What gives you the right to determine that this is the way that things 'should be', and to force this on other people? I read the first line of this and could not stand your condescending attitude any further. You should really change your old fashioned perception of relationships, instead of pushing them onto girls who don't need the extra stress that this idea creates! 'Hugz'

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  • Come back and see me after you've chased a guy and tell me how successful you were in becoming his girlfriend. Hugz

  • Ask him a question about where you should hike next? Then maybe after you get into a convo about that you could slip in maybe you should come lol. Ask a specific question

  • Maybe look up a show that you both might like, and then send him a text asking what he thnks about going?

    Or you could send him a text to say, 'Have you heard . . . . .'s new album? I love track 3, what about you?' - that would start up a bit of a conversation. Either way, don't think too much about it, just go with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the girl initiating the conversation, actually, a lot of studies show that guys love it! Good luck!

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