Is he thinking with his heart or his crotch?

To each their own but me and my ex had a special relationship. We even waited a year to have sex because we wanted it to mean something.

After 5 years, he broke up with me because he was depressed and "didn't have time for a relationship or gf"..

Next thing I know he is dating this girl, who has huge breasts and he is already sleeping with her less than 3 weeks after knowing her...

Did I just break the seal for him, and now he can sleep with heaps of other girls cos he lost his virginity to one who meant something?

Is it possible that he really likes her? or just her breasts?

btw, he also told me he was going to be really careful with his next relationship and take it slow...sif!

Note: this question is not about me being frigid and not wanting to have sex...

he's the one who wanted to wait before he lost his V plates...

we also did a lot of oral before having sex..


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  • I think he may have moved on emotionally a while before he actually ended things with you. there is know way you can tell if he is in it just for the t*ts but you can tell by the time... if he doesn't move on soon then its more then lust.

    Now... as for breaking his seal... and telling you he will take it slow with the next... forget about it think WOW I was really lucky to have such a great first... now lets move on... not necessarily onto the next man, but there are other things you can do like work hard at a career and having financial stability...

    Believe me when I say mr right will come your way and it will be when you least expect it.

    Make sure you know what you want for your next relationship like... how he treats you respectfully.

    And remember its time to have fun flirt dance and love like you've never been hurt!

    good luck.


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  • He probably got fed up with your sexual hangups and I'm suprised he stayed around with you for that long. Must have been a pretty desperate guy, wish him all the best from now on and hope he never runs into a girl like you

    • They had what sexual hangups are you talking about? They waited a year- yes, but they were together for another 4 years... I don't see how your answer helps anything.

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    • Um....HE'S the one who wanted to wait!!

    • No way! wow, that guy is strange

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  • it sounds like it was your first real relationship, sometimes you just grow apart, perhaps that happened and he didn't know how to tell you without hurting your feelings so he told you he was depressed. as for him jumping in with someone else right away, its called 'rebound' she most likely means nothing to him and it probably won't last. I'm glad that you waited to have sex for the first time so it was meaningful, but I also think you deserve better and it's time to move on, mourn for the loss of your first love and look forward to the fact that there's someone else out there that 'gets you' better than he did! also, I disagree with that comment that you have sexual hangups, I think the person who wrote that is emotionally crippled in some way and equates sex to a happy and healthy relationship, if he's even capable of having one (a relationship) which quite frankly I doubt.

    good luck and happy hunting! :)

  • Deffinitely his crotch!

    if he loved you, he would've gladly waited. "love is patient"

    he totally doesn't deserve you if he dumps you and simply throws it all away for some hook-ups!

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