I don't understand a point of "getting the number" and "arranging a date"?

OK, I got a number. We arrange a date, we meet and then she make me feel as bad as possible.

- "don't touch me. Nothing personal, I don't like anyone touching me" (This is just silly. Could someone explain this?)

- "don't look at me. I don't feel comfortable when You are looking at me like that!" (I laugh and ask, should I look at my shoes then instead, or what?)

Or walking in silly patterns so that I have to move either in front of her or behind - unless I really want to run in other pedestrians or light posts while trying follow her walking pace and direction.

I don't want to feel guilty for offering to accompany her on her way back - I offered that and she agreed after all.

And no I did nothing wrong except may be asking her, should we try to be together with me or should we stay "just friends".

She is very cute sure, but not that good to accept a bad attitude unconditionally.

So the question is - where is a point in getting that "magic" number or arranging that "dream date" if You get anything but crap in return.

I wonder, may be I am just too good and she just don't feel comfortable with me because of her own issues?

When I asked that magic question about being together, she was surprised, started to laugh, then said no - "NOT YET".

Well. Is this so hard to tell, "Sorry, I don't want to hurt You, but You are just not my type"?
I asked on skype, what was wrong with me and why she treated me like THAT (But I did not tell her details). I learned that she understand nothing about what she did - (Or pretends) And that everything was "normal" according her.
And the funny part is, she told "You accused me without reason. I am sorry, really don't know how to treat princes". All in caps. And also that she would have left me if she would not like anything what happened. So probably, she was enjoying it.
It turned out that she was in love with someone, who in turn, had issues about her age. So - yesterday evening was spent explaining her that she does not need such man :D Then she left to meet him one more time. This will be interesting :)


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  • Sounds like you had a fun date, this is what I would have done. When she said don't touch me, I would have said oh so I can't touch you here, and touch her arm, or here and touch her shoulder, and then I would have gone touch touch touch touch, and said oh good your still alive you survived someone touching you.

    The don't look at me, you could have said who said I was looking at you? You would of had to be looking at me in order for you to know if I was looking at you, so you stop looking at me then. I would have never said should we be together or just stay friends, because guess what happens you get the old well I think were better off a friends comment.

    The point is, you let her tell you what you can and can't do. Don't touch, don't look, and don't walk next to me. And that is one way women determine the type of guy you are, here's a tip, they want a guy who they can't tell what to do, or who won't do what she wants them to do.

    • Oh, man - thanks for a good advice! :) It will come handy later! Regarding "oh, well, let's be friends", there is a catch. I don't have problem finding and meeting other women. So, as soon as she takes a burden of making decisions from my shoulders, I am meeting, and having fun with other already.

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  • She is just very self conscious, maybe you are staring at her in a strange way with out realising? I think you should try a couple more dates before you write her off altogether, she sound like she has low self esteem. Just keep the touching to a minimum and try to look around when you talk, not stare at her. If she is still weird ask her the reason for her stand-offish attitude, if she can't give you a valid one, then maybe then you should begin to see other people.

  • Oh God. It's like one of those people who you can't do anything fun with, or anything spontanious. Unless you are into controlling every little aspect of your life, look for someone else.

  • She seems very disgusted by you! I have to say. I think she was being honest that you're not her type. I would feel really disgusted too if a guy that I think unattractive keeps touching me, looking at me or, even worse, asks me to be together with them.

    • You did not get it. She did said nothing about me being "not her type". She said "not now". But there is a problem - I am meeting other women already. And I am having good time and somehow I don't feel guilty at all. There is a big power in asking things straight and simple.

    • Oops sorry! misread! I still think she's disgusted though. So you got it right. You're not her type. Then what's your problem? You meet other women then it's good for you isn't it? I don't see any problem with not feeling guilty. She's probably seeing other guys too but if she's not, you don't need to give a sh*t anyway. Just if she asks tell her that you can't wait for her that long. you have a right to move on and you should, for your own good.

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  • Can we say "psycho"? Scrap this girl, get a sane one.

  • She is not into you you.That's for sure! Why? I don't recommend that you care. There are a million of possible reasons. My advice is to spare yourself and her from awkwardness and heartache and move on. MOVE ON, I TELL YA!

  • I would have thrown her in a cab and sent her in the opposite direction. Bitch