Some advice about this punk guy in a ska band?

so at warped tour this year I had VIP and was working as well... naturally, I met a lot of people. one of these people was a green mohawked roadie that plays keyboards for a band on Hellcat Records while they tour. this guy followed me around like a sick puppy all day, we drank a bit, flirted a ton, and basically just had a good time. near the end of the day I was invited to the after party barbecue held every night after the show is over, I accepted and ran off with my friends. every time I turned around he was there though. and we started hanging out and talking more, he asked if I'd like to hook up. I politely declined the invite, as I'd like to go into tour management and "groupie" isn't something I want associated with my name. :( anyways... my buddy got too sick and dehydrated (her first year on warped tour) and hated him anyways... so I went to his merch tent and bid my good byes, I left him with my number and facebook link. I genuinely started to have a crush on this guy. but he didn't text, call, or add me. I friend requested him on myspace, he hasn't accepted it. I know he was mainly just looking for a f***, but despite the 8 year age difference we really seemed to hit it off. I really thought he'd keep in contact with me, as stupid sounding as that may be.

BUT... his band is playing in Chicago next month, but not here, so my best friend (same girl) and I decided we're going there (from Minneapolis, MN) to see his band play. They're one of my top favorite bands anyways so I guess why the hell not? :P I'm not expecting him to be very inviting, but it's sure in my plans to tease the hell out of him. so here is where I ask for your advice and opinions on the best ways to make him wish like hell he would have called me. :P


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  • You should try asking him to hang out more with you.


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