I asked this girl out, she said she was busy that day and would call me back, why hasn't she call me back yet?

Well I worked with this girl for a couple of weeks. I always thought she was breathtakingly gorgeous. She was my supervisor, and was in charge over me. She would occasionally touch me, rub my knee, play with my tie and touch my chest. I assume it was just her personality. I get so nervous around her, I barely ever say anything worthwhile to her, except maybe laugh like a fool sometimes to make her feel more comfortable around me. I quit the job after 3 weeks, and she said she would miss me and we can always hang out. I texted a day later and told her what I thought. Said she was sweet, nice, beautiful and we should definitely hang out. She text back and said call me whenever.

So I called her 4 days later (this was on a Wednesday), and asked how she was, and that I want to see her. She said she was busy this weekend, but she would call me back on Sunday when she got back from her trip. Why hasn't she called or text me yet? I think its pretty obvious that I like her, but I just want know if she think of me as a friend wanting to spend time with her, or a guy who wants to date her.

It is now Tuesday and still no signs of her. Did I cross the line? should I call/text her back? Or should I move on?


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  • First of all in the beginning when you are trying to win a girls affections, don't send it in a text! BOoo. :)

    But as for your situation. Just call her. Tell her that you hadn't heard from her and wanted to make sure she was ok. Keep the conversation short, don't get into detail, you want to have that conversation in person. And don't ask her out immediately. Wait and she if she asks you (b/c she was suppose to call you back). If it starts to feel like she's not going to ask say something like: I'm busy now, but maybe we can talk later. I'm sure you've been busy too so why don't you give me a call another time or maybe we can meet this week for coffee/drink and you can tell me more about your trip. Is there a day that works for you?

    Just be careful, she seems suspect. Don't let her string you along or play games. If she can't call you back, she's may not be that into you. Calling people back is the easiest thing to do.

    good luck


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  • she may be thinking both. some people have the power to hold back and play hard to get, maybe she wants to see if you will call her, or maybe she is really busy right now and will get back to you. its one of those catch 22's. I think there will be nothing wrong in texting her, 'hey hope you had a good week, just wanted to say hi' and see if she texts back, but don't do more than that. if she said she will call, she prob will, you texting her will put you in her head, without seeming persistant or pathetic. plus, its only sunday anyway. give her more time.