Why's he acting this way?

I have a guy friend, we'll call him Tyler. We had a fling for a couple months and I thought we would start dating. He later told me he wasn't looking for a relationship, so everything stopped. We had stayed friends and my good friend started liking him. They didn't do much, just held hands. Only hung out when I had set it up. He'd never start the conversation with her, and would use short answers. With me, he's start conversations and make sure he kept it going for as long as possible. He still does. Last night, we were all at a bonfire and Tyler came. It was the normal group of people, but I had invited one of my friends from work, we'll call Andrew. Since I work at a pool, Andrew's really good looking, tan, buff, and of course I'm the only one he knows so we hang out the whole time. Well, Andrew and I went to play power pong (beer pong without beer). We had played against Tyler and Randy. The whole time Tyler had a unhappy look on his face, would look at me and Andrew and then back at his partner. Everyone could tell he wasn't happy that he wasn't happy with me and Andrew talking and laughing. Later that night Andrew had shown his snake tongue before he left. Soon after everyone else had, but I had texted Tyler. He kept the conversation going and said that he would always make sure to give his girlfriend a kiss goodbye, but he doesn't have a girlfriend ;). He then asked me who the guy was and I told him. I wanted to see what he'd say if I said he was a potential boyfriend and he said oh. I asked him what was wrong because before he had actually conversations, then he said nothing. It was the end of our conversation and I don't know why. I want to know why he won't talk to me now...I still really like him, but I can't tell him.


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  • he doesn't want you, but he doesn't want anyone else to have you. typical possesive guy behaviour. even if you stop talking to the other guy, and give him a chance, he won't want you cause there's no competition anymore.

  • he most likely thinks you are with Andrew and it bothers him because he might have feelings for you, so if you like him why don't you straighten things out and ask him why he wasn't having fun that night

    • Well, he still hasn't talked to me since I said Andrew might be a potential boyfriend, but I wouldn't date him. I can't seem to get him to talk with me now.

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    • *because you said that I meant

    • True. but I've told him it wasn't true

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