If he is not setting up the 2nd date, he is probably not interested, right?

And its been a week since our first date and the last I heard from him was yesterday mourning through texting. He was off yesterday and stays 6 minutes away from my job and never mention to see me for lunch when that was the perfect opportunity if he really liked me. What you think?


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  • Just because he hasn't set up a new date soon after the last doesn't mean he's not interested. He may just be busy or he is probably a little low on the cash front. However if he really hasn't contacted you for this long, he may have lost some interested. You may need to take the initiative and contact him.

    • I have already takin initiative. he is the one that is waiting for me to do it all and I'm done. I would text him first in the mourning. I texted him first after our date to let him know I made it hom safe and that I enjoyed him, I called him once days later after our date this week. So I been first with a few things and he hasn't shown much effort in doin that for me and we've talked about that tues and he said that he has been so used to give, give, give with women and

    • They don't do anything for him so now he like if he sees that I'm giving more, he will give more back. see? He wants me to be the attention givin first and then he will do it bakc. Its games I don't have time for. I just want the effort to be even, sometimes text me goodmourning or ask me how my day was and not me just doin that. I raely text him because he rarily text me and that is just somethin I am not use to. he seems to be the type to like the woman to chase him and I'm not doin that

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  • He just may not have thought about having lunch with you. Guys can be kind of clueless sometimes. I would be more concerned that he hasn't intiated another date in a week. If he was really interested, he would look forward to being with you and set up a date. Give it another week and if he still doesn't ask you out again, just let it go.

    • Yeah I was sondersing that too because on tues I texted him what he was doin the rest of the day and he was like he gets off at 830 and had nothing planned and doesn't go out on work nights. What? Did I ask him out? No but he assumed that's what I was getting at and I kind of was throwin a hint out there and he pretty much said no. So I tried and now its Saturday and he has not called me at all. oh we texted a bit yesterday mourning about nothin but my last call to him was 3 days ago and he can't call me

    • On his own too? See? Its like either he is not interested and can't tell me that or wants me to chase him and I'm not doin it. I don't etx this guy all day, I only called him once last week and when we text, we both text at the same minimum and the rest of the day we don't say anythin else to each other. I made more effort because I called and I asked pretty much tues if he wanted to hang out. He did none of that.

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