My friend always wants to hang, yet when I can he ditches why?

OK so my best guy friend was supposed to come over today to hang out and most likely hook up. he keeps texting me asking when we could hang out and whatever, but then I told him we probably could Saturday on like Thursday, yet when I texted him last night and again this morning, he didn't answer. I know for a fact that he wanted to come over because he was the one to keep asking, so why would he just ditch me last minute


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  • It's probably nothing. If you really want to know you could always ask him about it but unless it becomes a consistent thing, I wouldn't spend much time worrying. When in doubt, don't over think it.

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  • He might just be nervous, its definitely not easy to make moves on a girl you like a lot when you're young. Its possible that he ditched you, but if you two are really that close I don't see why he would. Good luck and you know Go Wings


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