I kissed a girl and I'm confused

Well today I kissed a girl for the first time of my life...

I'm 17, today was her birthday. We went to the beach and sat on the sand, I was staring at her and then I took the plunge and kissed her.

I didn't pretty much enjoy it... I like another girl but I really wanted to see how it would be like. I got scared cause I didn't pretty much enjoyed it until she grabbed my d*** then I started enjoying it.

I placed my hands on her ass and started rubbing it and I got pretty horny. But why didn't I like the kiss? Does that mean I'm a weirdo or anything or even worse, gay? But why did I liked it a lot when she grabbed my penis and let me touch her ass! I'm so f***ing confused!


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  • geeze relax OK now I'm positive your not gay because of the last part

    now about the kiss you didn't enjoy it because you like this other girl and/or because you just didn't feel anything..happens all the time

    and the reason you started getting into it is because your a guy and little man down there probably got a little excited. if uve never had a kiss before this I'm assuming youve never had anything more than that so just chill everything is normal and I hope this cleared everything up


What Guys Said 1

  • You like another girl. That's why you didn't like it. Congrats anyway. I haven't had my kiss yet.

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