My friend and I kissed last night. Should I call him?

After a party, I decided to see my old friend who I known from school.. At first we were just chatting and had few conversation how our lives were doing. Several minutes later.. He came closer and closer to me and looked me like he wanted to say something. He kept stare at me without any words. I was confused and nervous at the same time. So I moved away from him as possible but he kept come toward me. I was so shy.. I couldn't say anything. Twenty minutes later, he kissed me gently and looked me like I had something on my face. So I asked him why he kissed me and he didn't reply anything. I mean if guys likes you they are suppose to say something but he didn't say anything to me. He kissed on my forehead and my hands. I'm still confuse if he likes me or not. We known each other for six years and this never happen to me before. He suppose to call me today but he hasn't call me yet.. So I'm thinking he just did it cause he was bored. I don't know ... But he cleared saying that he only f*** someone when he's bored. That means he's not bored. Is that mean he was drunk? Nope. He didn't drink at all last night. I research everything but, I still don't know.


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  • He likes you. He hasn't called you because, from what you described, you treated him like the fact that he kissed you was revolting! If you like him, you need to let him know and explain that you were nervous. Good luck!

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